Saturday, August 21, 2010

Giants Of The Cinema!

These two movie posters struck me as oddly similar. The Frankenstein poster is a very early version from the time before the movie's actual product;ion when Bela Lugosi was attached to the project. It's a vivid image of a giant monster's rampage. It doesn't seem to have a lot to do with the story really, but I've always liked the poster.

I especially like the rays shooting out of his eyes. Universal posters had that gimmick a lot, and I assume it has some symbolic significance, some suggestion of control and power.

The Godzilla poster is a foreign one, showing the famous Japanese prehistoric phenom tearing up a town. It reminded me instantly of the classic Frankenstein poster when I first saw it. The colors are part of it I'm sure.

There's no reason to think they are connected, it's a reasonable enough composition for two different artists to create, but I find it interesting to compare them. I think even their expressions seem similar, sort of threatening, but mildly goofy too.

Rip Off

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