Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Merry Marvel Legion Of Monsters!

Neal Adams & Marie Severin

Mike Ploog

Neal Adams

Rich Buckler & John Romita

Jim Steranko

Neal Adams

It's no secret that suddenly Marvel Comics, free from the constraints of their distribution deal through the diminished DC Comics and pushing back against an ever weakening Comics Code, put out a horde of interesting monster comics in the early 70's.

They put out a comic for each of the classic Universal Monsters, so popular then and now. Using the same source material and legends they cooked up a Dracula, a Frankenstein, a Wolfman, and a Mummy comic. Even the Creature from the Black Lagoon got a not in the one-off story of sorts in Legion of Monsters.

Most rose and fairly quickly fell. The Invisible Man was only ever a one-shot adaptaton. The Werewolf by Night was pretty successful making it for nearly fifty issues. But the real champion was Dracula who not only successfully maintained his own title for seventy issues, but was the lead feature in a couple of black and white magazines.

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