Saturday, August 28, 2010


There are few movies that actually get me off my aging duff and into the filmhouse. Machete starring the ubiquitous and fascinating Danny Trejo might just accomplish it. Trejo has the most compelling puss in all of film and a few seconds of him can steal a movie from even the mightiest star. See Anaconda for proof of that.

Spun out of the faux trailers dreamed up to accompany the Grindhouse movies Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Tarrantino concocted several years ago, the story of Machete proved compelling enough to actually get made into a for real movie.

It's not a subtle movie as the original trailer shows. I'm only worried that the cameos of so many big stars added since that original trailer might drag the movie down a bit, getting in the way of its gritty atmosphere. Otherwise it looks to be a haymaker of an action flick, one that punches some pretty potent buttons for the audience as any good exploitation flick ought. There's even a comic book.

Here's a new trailer for all who might doubt the power of Trejo.

Rip Off

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